• Are you having trouble getting your team to perform and meet your department’s goals?
  • Are you stressed or frustrated by trying to get your work done, plus make sure your team’s work is done well and on time?
  • Have you recently been promoted and want to feel more skilled and confident in supervising others?
  • Do you dread having uncomfortable feedback conversations with your staff and wish it were easier?
  • Have you received feedback that you need to get training to increase your effectiveness with your team?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are at the right place.  The first thing you should know is that you are not alone.

Through my 22+ years of training and coaching leaders of all levels, I how found one consistent theme in all of these thousands of interactions.  This is that managers of teams are often either not given proper training or they do not have enough feedback / coaching in their day to day to grow their effectiveness, skills and confidence.

How can you tell if an organization needs to improve their training?  Step back and watch how the business is run.  Here the results of a survey conducted by Alec McKenzie in 2009.

Top 12 Time Traps In Business

  1. Management by crisis
  2. Inadequate planning and lack of self discipline
  3. Inability to say ‘No’
  4. Poor communication
  5. Poorly run meetings
  6. Has your world gone virtual?
  7. Email mania
  8. The untamed telephone
  9. Incomplete information and the paper chase
  10. Confused responsibility and authority
  11. Poor delegation and training
  12. Procrastination of leaving things unfinished

Even though the research shows companies know the training they are providing is often lacking or ineffective, money is still pouring into providing training. Business leaders know that if their leaders were more effective, business performance would improve.

A report from American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) states that in 2008, over $134 billion dollars were spent by businesses to train their staff.  These dollars are for either in-house training departments or outsourced training programs.  But how effective are these dollars spent?

Have you ever gone to a training session and were enthusiastic about going back to the office and applying the information, only to find that after a week or two the excitement was gone and you had fallen back into your old habits?  Or, have you had training but then the opportunity to apply it was so far down the road you forgot about what you learned?  Have you learned something and applied it but it didn’t flow easily so you discounted what was taught because it was uncomfortable?

Just as in managing or leading people, the process of building supervisor skills through training involves a combination of three critical components:

  1. Teaching the tactical skills (how to steps).
  2. Addressing any limited beliefs you may have around whether you can or should apply those tactical steps.   For example, leaders might take a class on giving constructive feedback, but if they are afraid of confrontation and they see giving constructive feedback as confrontational, constructive feedback conversations might not happen even though the class was taken.
  3. Follow-up to the application of the skills to debrief, redirect, celebrate and build upon.

I have seen a lot of manager /leader training programs and many companies do a good job teaching the tactical supervisor skills. I have not seen a good job in the areas of building buy-in and alignment with applying the tactical steps, and I rarely see a follow-up support system after the training event.

There is a solution.

The solution to these problems for you and your company is to have a proven and solid training and feedback system in place to both teach you skills, address out of alignment  thinking  and give you feedback and support as you apply the skills.  Like anything new you do, applying leadership skills and awareness takes time to create your new habit.  An effective training approach provides support and follow-up after the training experience to increase your likelihood of applying what you learn.

If what we have talked about so far makes sense to you, or you can see how you might be helped using the systems shown here, read on.

My name is Terri Beatty.  I have been working with all levels of leadership (from first line supervisors to vice presidents) across the globe for over twenty two years.  I have created and delivered management training programs for thousands of folks just like you. Plus I have coached leaders one on one and in groups to help build both skills and confidence in leading others.

I have created a supervisor training system that addresses all of the critical aspects you need to have a rock solid foundation in leading your team.

What makes this system different from the others?  It includes the three steps to effectively making a new skill a habit.

1)     We teach you the steps using practical, relevant and experiential processes.  Information is presented using proven adult learning principles.

2)     Imbedded in the training is the buy-in component to ensure your thoughts and emotions about applying the skills are aligned and useful for you to be successful.

3)     After the class, we keep the training top of mind for you and provide support and a way to stay in touch so you can get clarity, take a refresher when you need to, ask for help or get guidance.

The delivery method for the training and follow-up has an online supervisor training component so you can access this system from the biggest cities to the smallest towns in the most  remote areas with online access.

You won’t find this level of training and back up support anywhere else.

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